The Zero Sugar Diet

The Zero Sugar Diet

What if you could lose belly fat, get rid of cravings and learn a way of life that could transform your life – in 14 days? That’s only two weeks out of your life to change your life forever.

The Zero Sugar Diet, written by David Zinczenko and Stephen Perrine, reveals a plan that gives you the power and knowledge to achieve all that and more. In the book, you’ll find great recipes and well-thought out food swaps.

David Zinczenko is the bestselling author of the popular book, Zero Belly Diet and Zero Belly Cookbook and Stephen Perrine is the author of The Men’s Health Diet and has contributed his expertise on several television shows.

To understand the plan better, the book offers scientific evidence about how sugar has created a population addicted to it and explains that almost everything we eat sabotages our efforts to stop the vicious cycle.

Specific tools to enable you to beat sugar addiction are presented as a way to avoid certain foods that are the most addictive and find the right type of sugars to make the breakup with refined sugar a bit easier.

When you finish the book and begin to live the Zero Sugar Diet, you’ll know exactly what to expect and when to expect the results you’re working for. The results will be life-changing and your weight will diminish and your health will prosper.

The Zero Sugar Diet has worked for so many people – and losing 14 pounds in 14 days is just the beginning of your new, healthier and skinnier life. Recipes for the plan are interesting and delicious.

There are whole sections of recipes for breakfast, lunch and dinner and even snacks to keep up your energy level in the beginning. There is a special section to get you started and it offers seven days of special, zero calorie recipes to get you started.

One section of the book you’ll especially want to read is about how science is looking for and on the verge of discovering a zero calorie vaccination that will help end obesity for a lifetime.

The book wouldn’t be complete without adding some sugar-burning exercises – using the sugar to burn off fat. It can be done, and the book teaches you how. For those of you who are impatient, there is a Zero Sugar Detox method included in the book so you can jumpstart your results in a mere three days.

By eliminating the sugar content in recipes, you’ll be able to eat all your favorite foods without the harmful effects that sugar brings to almost everything we eat. You’ll swap sugars in recipes for whole foods and fibers to keep your blood sugar from causing harm to your body.

As an added bonus in the book, you’ll get a guide with over 500 products that are completely sugar-free. When you follow the Zero Sugar Diet with determination and excitement, weight loss and good health are inevitable.