The Thug Kitchen Book

The Thug Kitchen Book

Thug Kitchen isn’t a café in a seedy part of town – it’s actually a hilarious and irreverent cookbook that will make you laugh your way into healthy eating. Thug Kitchen has become an incredibly popular website that inspires others to live a healthier lifestyle.

Now, there’s an official cookbook by the same founders of the highly popular blog who want to help you get in charge of your plates and cook up some real mouth-watering food. Why eat kale and nettles when you can cook up some real food that will rev up your cooking experience – and your metabolism?

The Thug Kitchen will help you by teaching your all the techniques involved with cooking healthy on a budget – and making it count. True, it’s foul-mouthed and irreverent, but Thug Kitchen tells it like it is in no uncertain terms – in a language everyone can understand and relate to.

The creators of the Thug Kitchen cookbook and blog let you know right away that reading their book is a wake-up call for everyone who wants to eat healthy, but get lost in the convenience of drive-through lines and counting ketchup as a vegetable.

And, as soon as you know how Thug Kitchen really feels about food, you can begin to get to the heart of the book, which is the recipes – so many and so good that you’ll wonder why you’ve wasted time eating fast-food and other junk.

The Thugs back up their cause in the Thug Kitchen cookbook by offering some really good recipes that will thrill your taste buds and fix your body. Think of grilled peach salsa to put on – everything.

There are meals, sides and snacks that will please every palate and the big bonus is that you’ll have fun in the kitchen. It’s not often that we think of cooking as humorous, but the Thugs do make you laugh, and that burns calories.

Before you get to the recipes, there’s a weapons of choice list which consists of every gadget, dish and pot you’ll need to get the recipes just right. There’s also a list for your pantry and all the staples you’ll need for a great portion of the recipes.

Even the photos and illustrations are different from other cookbooks you’ve seen. Even the most hard core of carnivores might choose to go meatless when they see the photo of the mixed veggie and tofu chilaquiles, and the waffles with strawberry syrup will make you want to get up early for breakfast – the most important meal of the day.

If you’re squeamish about curse words, this probably isn’t the cookbook for you. But, if you’ve been thinking about becoming a vegetarian and just thought it was too straight-laced and restrictive, this is the guide that might change your mind.