The Paleo Diet

The Paleo Diet

If only we had stuck to the hunter-gatherer diet that our bodies were designed for, we may not have all the health problems plaguing us today. That is the theory of author, Dr. Loren Cordain, a professor and researcher of evolution and anthropology.

The Paleo Diet is written with an emphasis on how to lose weight and restore your health by adhering to a diet of foods that human beings are supposed to eat according to how we are put together.

It is more than just another low-carb diet plan. The Paleo Diet is part of a nutrition revolution that is based on foods we need to eat because of the way we were genetically designed.

By eating fish, lean meats, non-starchy vegetables and fruits, your body will begin to respond by losing excess weight and cause your health and energy to rise to a level that can prevent diseases and make you feel so much better.

You should fully understand the Paleo diet before you embark on it. Cordain provides an excellent introduction to the plan and includes the ground rules that you must follow for it to be a success.

The book also explains what happened to our diets during the centuries and why we now have so many health problems. You will learn what you can do about turning around the damage that has been done to your body for years and get healthy and fit by using the Paleo Diet plan.

The Paleo Diet is all about using food for medicine to help you lose weight and rev up your metabolic system so that it becomes a well-oiled engine again. The popular exercise regimen, CrossFit, has made the Paleo Diet its rule book because it provides the maximum amount of energy needed to get through the workouts.

An interesting fact about the Paleo Diet is that it was not created as a new way of eating. Rather, it was revealed in the research that Dr. Cordain and other scientists discovered in their studies of how nutrition affected our ancestors.

Think of the fact that no husbandry, toxic sprays and other harmful methods of growing were used during the Paleolithic age. Then, as we humans settled down, we became more dependent on diets that had a high level of carbohydrates, low fat and lots of fruit and vegetables.

The Paleo Diet provides meal plans, recipes, exercise and how to live on the Paleo Diet for the long term. You will find out what it can do for you explained in laymans terms so you do not have to be a scientist to understand the process.

In The Paleo Diet, Cordain compares our bodies to a car engine. We were made to run nicely on certain types of food, just as a car was made to run on a certain type of gasoline.

If you put regular gas into a diesel engine bad things will happen. When we stuff our bodies with foods that were not meant for us, bad things also happen. Those bad things include obesity, chronic diseases, fatigue and other maladies that could be fixed by fueling our bodies with the foods we were designed for.