The Complete Mediterranean Cookbook

The Complete Mediterranean Cookbook

The editors at America’s Test Kitchen have done it again with The Complete Mediterranean Cookbook – a comprehensive collection of 500 delicious and exciting recipes to help you live the Mediterranean lifestyle to stay healthy and fit.

You don’t have to vacation on the Mediterranean shores to enjoy the cuisine that has made the population of this region – the healthiest on Earth. You won’t really need any other book but this one to learn about the diet plan and to try a wide variety of recipes.

The Mediterranean diet pyramid explains it all at a glance, but there is still some finessing you need to know how to do. For example the book discusses what a Mediterranean kitchen looks like – from pantry to fridge to table.

You’ll learn how to rethink your plate which means portion size, protein, vegetables and grain so that you’re moderating your intake, but still having a variety and enough to eat that you don’t go away hungry.

The Mediterranean way to eat is to purchase what’s fresh and in season. Farmer’s markets are a great place to find what you need but if that’s not available, there are tips in the book that let you choose items from the supermarket that will also be healthy.

Pairing food items at meals is a big part of healthy Mediterranean eating style. Your meat portions may be smaller than usual, but many vegetables and grains portions will be larger.

An extremely interesting part and one rarely seen in cookbooks deals with meals that are great to serve seasonally such as Spring and Summer. It also includes vegetarian and holiday options, taking the guesswork of what to serve that’s Mediterranean style.

Legumes, rice and grains and pasta and couscous are a big part of the Mediterranean diet and you’ll find lots of information about how to serve these items the tastiest and healthiest ways.

If you’re concerned about how to integrate a Mediterranean style of cooking into yours and your family’s lives, there is a section in the cookbook that addresses the issue and tips about why one ingredient works over another.

Conversion charts are added to the book so you won’t have any doubt about the volume and weight of the food item. And, one thing that you don’t often find in cookbooks is a detailed index. It helps you find the exact recipe you’re looking for without flipping through pages.

You’ll learn about olives and olive oils and which are healthiest – and spices, spice blends and pastes that are present in so many of the recipes. The sections of recipes are divided into the usual sections such as poultry, meat, salads and soup.

There are also some unique additions to the sections such as flatbreads, pizza grains and breads. All recipes are coded as to being vegetarian or quick to cook (in 45 minutes or less).

The Complete Mediterranean Cookbook has a distinct advantage over other Mediterranean cookbooks because of the sheer volume of information it contains and the ease and simplicity in which it’s written. It’s a purchase you won’t regret.