Mediterranean Diet Plan

Mediterranean Diet Plan

A Mediterranean diet has something for everyone. There is fish for the seafood enthusiast, meat for the carnivore and veggies for the vegetarian. The Mediterranean Diet Plan was written by Susan Zogheib to give every type of eater the opportunity to fully enjoy the healthy and practical diet of the bountiful Mediterranean region.

The population who lives around the Mediterranean coast enjoys an abundance of healthy foods and exciting flavors and plenty of opportunities to exercise on the sunny beaches and hills. They have been dubbed the healthiest population on Earth.

The Mediterranean Diet Plan lets you bring that lifestyle into your own life to help you lose weight, lower cholesterol levels and cut the risk of many diseases such as heart disease and even cancer.

You will be drawn into the book by the interesting way Zogheib teaches about the science behind the Mediterranean way of life and how to bring it into your own life and reap the benefits.

No matter which type of eater you are, you can find a meal plan that suits you. There are meal plans and recipes for vegetarians that consist of such items as tofu, fruits, vegetables and whole grains.

The seafood-free plan leaves off the seafood and concentrates on foods that provide proteins and nutrients. Those busy, on-the-go people will love the 30 minute plan recipes which only take 30 minutes to prepare, but gives you nutrients and vitamins that your body needs.

You will have some simple, basic rules to follow on the Mediterranean Diet Plan, but it is not a rigid diet that is difficult to follow. It is a lifestyle more than a diet plan and one that you will want to follow to continue the success you experience while on the plan.

There are 100 fabulous recipes in The Mediterranean Diet Plan that covers everything from breakfast to indulgent desserts. It is hard to be hungry on this diet plan because the food items help you feel full while also providing disease-fighting antioxidants and fiber.

As more research indicates that diet is a powerful force in preventing disease and obesity, more people are looking for diet plans that can fit into their lifestyles. The Mediterranean plan is one that can be easily incorporated into almost any lifestyle and keep you healthy as you age.

You will love the recipes. Even the names make you want to try them. For example, Spiced Almond Pancakes will make you look forward to breakfast and Mango Pear Smoothie is a great snack to get you through the afternoon.

Remember, a diet plan is about making small changes in your life that will benefit your future. If you choose a plan you will not continue, it will not do much for you. The Mediterranean Diet Plan can be designed for your particular needs and turn into the lifestyle you can keep forever.