Meal Plan for a Paleo Diet

Meal Plan for a Paleo Diet

For many people, the idea of cutting out all processed foods sounds fine at first, until they realize just how much of their diet revolves around it. This can make things difficult at first, but don’t get dissuaded.

You’ll soon find that this diet doesn’t have to be that hard if you get a good meal plan laid out. For breakfast, your obvious go-to for the paleo diet would be eggs. Eggs are allowed in the paleo diet, are very nutritious, and can be prepared in a wide variety of ways.

You can pair the eggs with some fruit if you’d like, but not any dairy. That means no cheese on the eggs, or no milk for a drink. For lunch and dinner, you have a wide variety of options.

The easier go to choice is some kind of chicken prepared with vegetables. This meal is simple, easy to make, and provides you with a lot of nutrition. There’s also enough variation to this meal that you can have it more than once per week and not get sick of it.

For example, one day you could have spinach with grilled chicken, or even chopped up chicken in a salad with lettuce and spinach. Another day, you could have baked chicken with cooked carrots.

Try out different recipes, mix and match them, and try to see what works for you. You can always mix it up by trying out different kinds of meat. If you prefer pork or fish over chicken or beef, you can always substitute it as needed.

As long as nothing you’re getting is processed or unnatural, it’s fair game in the paleo diet. There are a few seemingly natural foods that aren’t actually allowed in the paleo diet that you should avoid when laying out your meal plan.

For example, you can’t have any form of beans, lentils, legumes, or anything of that nature. This includes peanuts and its derivatives, including peanut butter. You’re also not allowed to have any form of dairy.

This includes milk, cheese, and butter of all kinds, because even though it’s not exactly processed and does come from animals, it’s a product of technology that cavemen didn’t have.

The upside to these restrictions, of course, is that you cut out any harmful chemicals or molecules that may be in these foods. For example, trans fats, which are extremely bad for your health, are found in tons of processed foods as a means of preserving foods and preventing them from going bad.

While this may seem excessive, you’re still actually left with a wide range of options. You can still have oils such as olive oil, salts, spices, nuts, vegetables, almost any kind of meat, fruits, and more. With this wide variety, you’re bound to find at least some kind of meal that you enjoy.