Meal Plan for a Low Fat Diet

Meal Plan for a Low Fat Diet

You don’t have to give up your favorite foods because you’re on a low fat diet. There are ways to reduce the fat without diminishing flavor. For example, lower the fat content in a BLT (bacon, lettuce and tomato) sandwich by trimming the fat on the bacon, use more lettuce and tomato and use mayonnaise that is fat-free.

Breakfast should always be a main meal on a low fat diet so you won’t lose steam in mid-morning. Use eggs and egg whites to make a great omelet with your favorite veggies and little or no butter.

Another healthy breakfast might consist of ¾ of a cup of oatmeal, orange juice, a banana and coffee. There’s hardly any saturated fat and as an extra bonus, all of the items can lower LDL because of the soluble fiber it contains.

Lunch can be quite filling with a Caesar salad made with egg substitutes and fat-free Parmesan cheese. Tacos or fajitas can be tasty items that you can take to work when you prepare ahead of time.

Use fat-free flour tortillas, lean flank steak – or beans – and lots of peppers and onions. Try ½ of a tuna sandwich made with light mayo, lettuce and tomato, a cup of low-sodium vegetable soup and an apple for a great brown-bag lunch that contains only 7.5 grams of fat.

Dinner can be very satisfying and tasty when you prepare ahead. You can prepare casseroles ahead of time and use trimmed, lean meat, reduced amounts of cream or cheese and low-fat or fat-free dairy products.

Add lots of veggies, beans, grain, rice or pasta to the casserole for texture and taste. After dinner, enjoy a piece of fruit (but watch the calories) or a dessert made with low-or no-fat products.

Rather than preparing pasta dishes using high-fat cream, cheese sauce and meat, use pasta primavera or pasta marinara. Cream sauce could be made with skim milk, fat-free cottage cheese and sour cream and add a fat-free Parmesan cheese for a topping.

Give up unhealthy snacks such as potato chips or candy bars and snack on low-fat microwave popcorn and/or baby carrots. Snacking between meals can ruin your diet plans, so avoid the vending machine in favor of low-calorie, low-fat snacks.

Low calorie meal and snack alternatives can provide lots of ideas for revamping your favorites. Also, consider minerals and vitamins when preparing meals. Many foods contain calories from fat and sugar, but have very few vitamins and minerals.

Today, we can choose from many low-fat or no-fat substitutes as ingredients for many dishes. And, non-stick cookware can keep you from having to use oil for sautéing – or try the many varieties of olive oil and no-stick sprays.