Meal Plan for a Fasting Diet

Meal Plan for a Fasting Diet

Meal plans will vary greatly between each type of fast. For many fasts, the meal plan is very simple: nothing but water so that you stay hydrated. On the days of your fast, you might be allowed no food, so you’ll just have to keep your hunger pangs at bay with water.

Some fasting plans allow you to have certain things like bread in order to sustain yourself, but it varies between each fast. Some fasts actually require a fair amount of planning.

For example, the all liquid fast isn’t that easy to just pick up and do. You’d have to figure out what’s allowed like broth soups, juices, and nutrition shakes, and then schedule your meals around what you can actually have.

For example, for breakfast you might have some pulp-free apple or orange juice, or even something from a juicer like kiwi and watermelon juice. You can pair that with some milk to get some carbs in for energy as your day goes on.

You could, if your plan allows it, have some runny oatmeal as well, but some diets don’t consider this a liquid over a solid. For lunch and dinner, you can have soups without any chunks like meat or vegetables.

You can either use something with more broth or something more creamy, like a cream of mushroom soup. Make sure you’re still following your calorie limits throughout the day, but also be sure to stick to liquids.

If you’re doing an intermittent fast with a certain calorie limit throughout the day, you have a few options. You can either have all your calories at once in a bigger meal, or spread them out throughout the day in little snacks.

Let’s say, for example, that your max calories for your fasting day is 500. If you’re going to have all of those calories in one sitting, then you have a pretty good range to work with.

For example, you could have some chicken breast with a bit of pasta, vegetables, a hearty soup, and plenty more. Assuming you don’t have other snacks throughout the day, this meal should leave you with a lot of room to work with.

If you’re snacking throughout the day, then you should plan how many snacks you’ll be eating. If you go for about 5 snacks throughout the day, all around 100 calories, you’ll stay within your limits.

These snacks could include fruit, smoothies, nuts, chips, peanut butter, and more. Whatever you get, make sure you get something actually healthy, or you defeat the whole purpose of the fast.

This also applies to your non-fasting days, which are important to plan as well. If you gorge yourself on non-fasting days, not even a complete no food fast will help. You have to eat healthy no matter what on this diet in order to lose weight, but on days off you can have more healthy foods than you can on fast days.