Meal Plan for a 3-Hour Metabolism Boosting Diet

Meal Plan for a 3-Hour Metabolism Boosting Diet

Since calories and time are so important on this metabolism-boosting diet, it’s important that you plan meals ahead. The goal is to keep you feeling satisfied all day and to boost your metabolism, so choosing your meal and snack items is important.

The rule of thumb is that each full meal should be about 400 calories and each snack about 100 calories. Then, a small dessert at the end of the day. Mix up your meals to make them interesting.

Some options for breakfast include waffles (2 whole grain, low fat), topped with a tablespoon of peanut butter and ½ of a banana. Or, you may want to scramble an egg and add some onions and other veggies. Wrap it in a small tortilla and add some hot sauce.

Your morning snack should be planned to keep you going until lunch time. You might choose from watermelon or other type of fruit, low fat yogurt and veggies that add up to about 100 calories.

Lunch will be 400 calories and might consist of a spinach salad topped with about 4 ounces of chicken or tuna. Sprinkle vinaigrette or some low fat cheese on the salad and you have a great lunch.

Mid-afternoon, you can choose from a list of 100 calorie snacks. It might include a small smoothie or a couple of cups of popcorn. At dinner, you can choose from a grilled, broiled or poached cut of meat or tofu and add some steamed veggies or a salad.

Brown rice, quinoa, whole wheat buns and tortillas are good choices to get your grains. Make sure that most of your calories come from protein (lean) and veggies. After dinner, you can enjoy a small dessert such as some fruit, non-fat yogurt or a handful of cereal.

This small amount of sweet can help you avoid sweet cravings later on. If you have to eat out once in awhile, try sandwich shops that offer sandwiches such as turkey on wheat and lots of veggies – no mayo or cheese.

These sandwiches are usually less than 300 calories, which gives you some calorie room for an apple. Try not to stray from the 3-hour time table. This will increase your metabolic rate, which means you’ll be burning more fat while preserving muscle. Your energy will increase and your bad cholesterol levels will decrease.

It may take some time in the beginning to pre-plan your meals so they meet the calorie count and you may have to plan your day so you can snack and eat your meals at a certain time, but the results from the 3-Hour Metabolism Boosting Diet will be worth it.