Low Fat Diet Recipe Cookbook

Low Fat Diet Recipe Cookbook

In a perfect world, we’d be able to eat filling comfort foods that we love and have desserts afterward – and still lose weight. The Low Fat Diet Recipe Cookbook lets you do just that.

Author, Millie White loves to cook and believes that food doesn’t have to be boring to be healthy. Her cookbooks are chock full of great recipes that are low calorie, but don’t taste like it and healthy, but rich.

In fact, Millie begins the books by telling you a little something about the treats in the book. Desserts, cheese, scones, walnut treats and more are included in the book. And, all the recipes are less than 200 calories.

No artificial sweeteners are used in the recipe, but Millie has found ways to sweeten up the dessert without the harmful sweeteners and refined sugars we’re used to. The recipes are all low fat too, so if you’re on a low-fat diet, these recipes are perfect.

There’s a list of some items you may already have in your kitchen that can make the recipes go faster and easier. A digital kitchen scale is recommended and a 12-hole mini muffin tin is perfect for mini bites of desserts and appetizers.

Aside from the kitchen gadget list, there are techniques to help you achieve great results with the recipes. For example, when baking, you’ll have a more light and fluffy result if you use the mixing technique that is recommended.

The Diet Cookbook has an easy-to-read index where you can quickly go to find any recipe in the book. You’ll also learn how to make your old recipes and family favorites healthier and how to whip up a nutritious meal in less than 30 minutes.

Those who have used the cookbook say that it has helped them avoid giving in to sweets and wreaking their diets by choosing one of the low-fat dessert recipes. Cakes, cookies and fudge brownies are all low calorie and low fat and are to be enjoyed.

The photographs in the book are awesome. The final dishes are presented in color so you’ll know just how the dish will look after you prepare it. Millie believes that part of the enjoyment is in the presentation and it’s obvious from the photos in the book.

Each recipe is marked as vegetarian and vegan for those who want to cook meatless meals. There are so many recipes that you’ll have trouble choosing just one. Remember to freeze leftovers for future times when you have a busy day.

You’ll find only low-fat recipes in The Diet Cookbook and they’ve been well-researched to provide the information you need if you’re on a particular diet plan. The ingredients used aren’t exotic and are very affordable, so they’re great choices for a family.