Fat for Fuel Book

Fat for Fuel Book

What if you found a revolutionary diet plan to combat cancer, boost your brain power and increase your energy? Taking control of your health with a diet plan that works and balancing your metabolism can accomplish all that – and more.

Fat for Fuel was written by Dr. Joseph Mercola, a health care professional who has made a life’s work of finding out how to combat chronic illnesses by diet. The diet is intended to get your body and brain back into shape and keeping it there by providing it with the radical new concept of – using fat for fuel.

When the concept of consuming fat for fuel was first introduced, skeptics were vocal and unbelieving. Carbs and low-fat options were believed by most to be the best way to fight cancer, coronary disease and other chronic diseases that plague us today.

Through the years and thanks to Mercola’s research and groundbreaking discoveries, we now know when the metabolism isn’t working as it should it’s a result of damage to the mitochondria (cells in the body).

When enough damage occurs, your health begins to falter. But, the problem is preventable if you provide your body with fuel that can prevent disease and help you heal.

Dr. Mercola found that the ketogenic diet can treat and prevent diseases, increase energy, provide fuel to the brain and help you lose weight. After being on the ketogenic diet for awhile, your body functions work much better and you’ll be able to manage your weight successfully.

If you read a scientific paper about the process of a ketogenic diet and how it can help you heal and prevent diseases, you might not understand the terms and explanations. But, Dr. Mercola takes a mountain of information and explains it in a way that we can all understand and appreciate.

Fat for Fuel is an easy read and very well written. You’ll be amazed at the facts and how it all comes together to make sense of the complicated functions of the body and how they affect our overall well-being.

The book explains clearly how the body works with the fuel it’s given to either damage the cells or keep them healthy. The ketogenic diet is thoroughly explained in the book and at the end you will understand how it can work for you.

Dr. Mercola is a visionary physician who has treated patients for over twenty-five years. He’s appeared on many national news media and is a phenomenal health educator – teaching how to reduce the risks of chronic diseases and premature death.

Fat for Fuel will shatter your old beliefs about health and losing weight and give you the tools and knowledge you need to change your life and health by changing your lifestyle and eating habits.