Fasting and Eating for Health

Fasting and Eating for Health

The thought of fasting and doing without our beloved sugary drinks and fattening food and addictions (such as coffee) turns many people off of the concept. Fasting and Eating for Health might change your mind when you know how fasting can relieve many ills such as headaches, psoriasis, diabetes and much more.

Joel Fuhrman, M.D. has been on the New York Times best-selling authors list six times and is recognized internationally as an expert on nutrition and healing. He is also the brains behind highly successful PBS specials which teach facts about nutrition all over the world.

In Fasting and Eating for Health, Fuhrman explains how to begin the fasting and eating a specific diet program and how to avoid gaining the weight back. You will be introduced to the foods that help rather than hinder your progress and how to get the maximum benefits for your efforts.

You will learn that weight loss is not the only benefit you will derive from fasting and following a specific diet plan. The health you gain will be remarkable and life-changing. Your skin will begin to glow and your energy will be amazing for perhaps the first time in your life.

Fuhrman addresses several medical disorders and conditions in the book. If you suffer from hypoglycemia and headaches you will learn that most of what you thought about the conditions is misunderstood.

Heart disease is also addressed. Even if you already have a heart disease diagnosis, you can benefit from the books advice on how to restore it to health naturally. Autoimmune disease is thought to be a permanent condition, but Fuhrman offers another approach that is superior to all others.

The way we eat now can lead to all sorts of health problems. Most of us are definitely taking the wrong approach to health, obesity and chronic medical conditions. The proper nutrition can be the answer to a cure in many cases.

As the general population continues to suffer more and more from health problems, the medical community continues to try and fix the problems with drugs that mask the problem and do not get to the real cause of the condition.

Some progress has been made in the diet and disease relationship, but fasting for health has largely been ignored. As health care is getting outrageously expensive and the real answers are ignored, nations are becoming hotbeds of chronic diseases.

Fasting and specific diets are safe, effective and one of the cheapest ways to guard and restore your health. While food does contain the necessary elements we need to sustain life, toxins are present in most foods we consume.

When you fast, you give your body a break from all the harmful elements you pour into your body on a daily basis. Fasting and Eating for Health introduces you to another way of dealing with illness and disease.

By fasting and a follow up diet plan that is best for you you can live a life filled with good health and the energy to enjoy it.