Fast Metabolism Food RX

Fast Metabolism Food RX

Do you ever just wish you could get a prescription to put your body back in sync and reap the benefits of losing excess weight and restoring good health? You may be able to get that prescription in Haylie Pomroy’s book, Fast Metabolism Food RX.

She introduces seven food prescriptions to get your metabolism back on track and get your body back to processing the food you eat in a normal way and one that will help you lose weight and fight fatigue.

Pomroy’s uses food as medicine and targets your eating habits with food that will specifically restore a sluggish metabolism. When your metabolism isn’t working properly, nothing is.

You’re more prone to chronic diseases such as high blood pressure, obesity and heart disease. The fatigue that accompanies a faulty metabolism causes you to avoid exercise and eat more junk just to get the energy you need to function for a short while.

With the Fast Metabolism Food RX, you’ll enjoy nutritional solutions that can help if you have issues such as IBS, hormone problems and autoimmune problems. Pomroy explains the concept of metabolism RX and how to listen to your body to know what it needs.

The concept is simple – at first your body whispers to you by letting you know it’s having digestive issues and fatigue. The second phase is when your body is talking to you about PMS, high cholesterol, cognitive issues and mood swings.

When your body is finally yelling at you, it needs immediate attention. Such problems as metabolic syndrome, diabetes and immune disorders indicate that your metabolism is having severe problems with processing food and needs to be fed a diet that heals rather than harms.

Fast Metabolism Food RX provides lists of foods that target various medical problems. At first, you’ll learn the foods that you should base you build a solid foundation for health on.

The other lists target specific conditions that these foods will repair — such as digestive system, immune system, energy and hormone dysfunctions. These are the food prescriptions you should adhere to if you want to restore your system to prime working order.

Food can be the most powerful weapon you have to fight diseases – and your best friend to restore your energy and vitality. These prescriptions can actually reverse the harm you’ve caused by eating junk and other unhealthy foods.

Pomroy uses her own experience with food and health to effectively explain why food can make such a difference in how we enjoy life and feel about ourselves. So many times her health journey was cut short, but the end results can benefit others who may be suffering from the same problems.

Fast Metabolism Food RX contains various recipes for solving different problems. After you get the hang of it, you’ll be creating dishes and entire meals around the foods that are going to bring you the good health you desire.