Delicious Low Fat Recipes in 30 Minutes

Delicious Low Fat Recipes in 30 Minutes

Transforming to a low fat diet because of a doctors recommendation or the need to lose weight may seem like a daunting and unachievable task, but after you take a look at Delicious Low Fat Recipes in 30 Minutes, you will change your mind.

Written by Angelina Dylan, Delicious Low Fat Recipes in 30 Minutes will amaze you with its simple, yet healthy and low-fat recipes that you can whip together in 30 minutes. You no longer have to spend hours planning, shopping and cooking healthy meals.

Think of the stress you will avoid by knowing you can make delicious and great meals for your family without having to drive through a fast food place or grab a snack on the go. You will learn how to transform your own recipes that you love and keep them healthy.

With such complicated-sounding names like Phyllo Nests with Berries and Yoghurt, Soba Noodles with Salmon in Mira Sauce and Baked Pumpkin Pasta, it is hard to think that you will be out of the kitchen in 30 minutes and still be able to serve a healthy meal to your family.

Each recipe in the book contains 10 grams of fat or less for each serving and you will have step-by-step instructions about how to cook a variety of quick and healthy meals, watch your weight and eat healthy all the time.

The importance of cooking low-fat meals has come to light even more since the rates of those with heart disease and other chronic conditions are on the rise. But, until now, it was thought that we had to suffer through the diet with tasteless and boring meals.

Thanks to cooks like Angelina Dylan, we now know that we do not have to sacrifice taste for health. The 35 recipes contained in Delicious Low Fat Recipes in 30 Minutes have all been tested and approved as low-fat and healthy and they really are delicious.

In the past, low-fat meals were thought to be boring and tasteless. After much experimentation and loads of creativity, there are now low-fat recipes that prove we can have our cake and eat it too, knowing it is prepared with health and taste in mind.

Whether you are cooking low-fat to lose weight or reduce your risk of chronic health problems like heart disease and high cholesterol which could bring about a stroke you will love these recipes that are delicious and satisfy cravings all at once.

If you are serious about cutting fat from your diet to lose weight and lower the risk of diseases such as coronary and high blood pressure, this book is one that you should have on hand whenever you step in the kitchen to cook.